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The Customer Service Section is responsible all aspects of metering, water and sewer system connections and permits, and utility billing support.

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The Customer Service Section is responsible for all aspects of metering, water and sewer system connections and permits, and utility billing support. This section is comprised of three groups: Field Customer Services, Meter Services and Utility Rates Services.


  • Field Customer Services
    Field Customer Services is dedicated to providing accuracy, timeliness, assistance, and excellent customer service with all metering needs and field inquires.
  • Meter Services
    The Meter Services group is responsible for meter reading, automated meter reading (AMR) applications, construction roving meter reading, and backflow device installations.
  • Utility Rates Services
    The Utility Rates Department is your one place for information which you will need in order to obtain water utility rates and permits for your residential or commercial project.

Utilities StaffMeter reading equipmentWater meter installed beneath ground.

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If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the City of Yuma Utilities Department.

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