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On June 24th, 2005 at approximately 8:25 p.m., the Yuma Police Department responded to 2037 E. La Mesa Street in reference to shots fired and a subject yelling for help.

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Six Murdered In Yuma: Four Victims Are Children

Luis RiosOn June 24th, 2005 at approximately 8:25 p.m., the Yuma Police Department responded to 2037 E. La Mesa Street in reference to shots fired and a subject yelling for help. The Police Department Dispatch Center received numerous 911 phones calls in reference to this incident. Upon arrival officers located Luis Rios, 35, with multiple gunshot wounds in the back yard of the residence. Luis Rios later died of his injuries at Yuma Regional Medical Center.

Adrienne Heredia and the four children.

Witnesses in the area described a Hispanic male walking back into the house  immediately after the shooting. Officers set the perimeter, believing the suspect was still inside the residence, and the Yuma Police Departmentís Special Enforcement Team responded to the scene. Officers from the Yuma Police Departmentís Special Enforcement Team entered the residence and located Adrienne Heredia, 29, and her four children Andreas Crawford, 13; Enrique Crawford, 12; Inez Newman, 9; and Danny Heredia, 6; all cowardly murdered in their home.

Andreas CrawfordEnrique CrawfordGravesiteInez NewmanDanny Heredia

Suspect Still At Large

Sketch of suspect.From witness accounts we have developed a sketch of a subject possibly involved in this incident. The sketch, as shown here, was distributed shortly after the murders and is still an active part of this investigation.

Over the past two years, the Yuma Police Department, working with all other Yuma Law Enforcement Agencies, has been and continues to be committed and dedicated to finding the cowards responsible for the murders of these innocent people. The Yuma Police Department has conducted over 1300 interviews, collected thousands of pieces of evidence, and received approximately one hundred 78-CRIME calls and hundreds of calls with information on regular business lines.

The Yuma Police Department has had a dedicated team of detectives working tirelessly, following up every lead that has come in since the night of the incident. We have had hundreds of leads over the past two years, and still receive calls on a regular basis. We have been in regular contact with the families of the victims and we are confident we will help them find closure to this tragedy.

Crime Scene Photo 1Crime Scene Photo 2
Crime Scene Photo 3Crime Scene Photo 4
Crime scene photos of 2037 E La Mesa Street

Additionally, there are two subjects close to this investigation that have since refused to assist or even talk to investigators. These subjects were close to Luis Rios at the time of the murders, but have not been open or honest with us in any interviews we have conducted with them. We do not know the reason they have not cooperated but it does cause us concern as we learn more about the event.

Contact Us With Information

We have received several pieces of information from people who have wished to remain anonymous. Some of this information needs additional follow-up and we hope we can encourage those people to contact us again so we may talk to them directly to obtain more details. These contacts can remain anonymous. There will be no need to give names or contact information, but the opportunity to talk with them will prove invaluable.

Luis Rio's Durango from front. Luis Rio's Durango from back.
Luis Rios' vehicle recovered on 6/25/05 at 6th Avenue and 21st Street

We are asking for help in developing more information on the following items:

  • Any information on a white van in the area of the murders, 2037 E. La Mesa, on the day of the murders, June 24th, 2005, in the afternoon or evening hours.
  • Any information in reference to a Suburban or utility truck in the area of the murders on the day of the murders.
  • The male caller who called in on 78-CRIME on June 25th, 2005, at 8:00 p.m. in reference to a white van, to include a license plate and the names of several subjects possibly involved, we would like to talk to you.
  • The caller who called in on 78-CRIME advising of Luis Rios being involved in any type of argument at RC Liquor prior to the murders, we would like to talk to you.
  • Anyone who has any information on Luis Rios having been involved in any argument prior to the murders.
  • Anyone who had contact with Luis Rios, Adrienne Heredia, Enrique Crawford, Andreas Crawford, Inez Newman or Danny Heredia on the day of the murders June 24th, 2005.
  • Anyone who saw or knew the whereabouts of the Blue Durango that was stolen from the residence and later located in the area of 6th Avenue and 21st Street.
  • Anyone who has information on why anyone close to this investigation is refusing to cooperate with us.
  • Anyone with information on the subjects seen on surveillance video from RC Liquor on the afternoon of the murders that was released earlier to the media.

We encourage anyone to call 928-343-4704 and talk directly to the detectives assigned to this case. Please leave a message if no one is available to answer your call.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has offered a $25,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of those responsible for these murders. There is also a $10,000 reward through 78-CRIME.

La Mesa Murder Investigation Unit

Sergeant Ron Rodriguez
Detective Clay Pouquette
Detective Esmundo Tejeda
1500 S 1st Avenue
Yuma, Arizona 85364
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A weblog has been dedicated to the 6 victims of this senseless crime. Please feel free to share your thoughts and stories of Luis, Adrienne, Andreas, Enrique, Inez and Danny. Also feel free to share how these murders affected you, your family, or your community.

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