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The mission of the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area is to conserve and enhance the natural, cultural, and historic resources of our community.

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The mission of the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area is to conserve and enhance the natural, cultural, and historic resources of our community, as authorized by the United States Congress in 2000.  The management plan focuses on environmental, recreational and commercial improvements to Yuma's riverfront on the Colorado River as well as revitalization of the historic downtown.  The management entity is a 501c3 non-profit corporation led by a volunteer Board of Directors representing a broad cross-section of the community.

The Executive Summary of the Plan for the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area recounts Yuma's rich history, sets forth its goals and objectives, and details the plans and programs for each of the seven districts within the Heritage Area. Download the Executive Summary.

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City Expands Hours Of Dog Park

In response to popular demand, the City of Yuma has expanded hours of operation for its only off-leash park for dogs. Tuesday closures lifted by 3 p.m. Continued... 11/19/2014

City Hall Closed Thanksgiving and Following Friday; Pickups Altered

Residential curbside recycling collection for some homes inside the Yuma city limits will change the week beginning Nov. 24 due to the holiday. Continued... 11/19/2014

Yuma's Riverfront Earns Prestigious Award

Once overgrown with invasive, non-native species and even a dump, Yuma's riverfront has transformed into a network of parks, trails, beaches and wildlife-friendly open spaces. Continued... 11/17/2014

Kayla Holiman Selected as Fire Marshal
Kayla Holiman Selected as Fire Marshal

Kayla has served as Interim Fire Marshal since May of this year following the retirement of Kent Thompson. Kayla is also the City of Yuma's first female Fire Marshal. Continued... 11/14/2014

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Mayor's Inaugural Address
Mayor's Inaugural Address

I realized it isn't about the quotes; it isn't about the pictures, videos and the events. It is about the doing; the serving; the action. Continued...

Public Meeting Agendas
Public Meeting Agendas


Pet Licenses
Pet Licenses

All dogs and cats over three months of age in the City of Yuma are required to be licensed and must either wear collars with the license tag attached or be microchipped and registered with the City licensing agent. Continued...

City 73 & Ciudad 72
City 73 & Ciudad 72

Our government access channels, City 73 and Ciudad 72, make access to public meetings more convenient to residents and facilitate involvement in local government decision-making. Continued...

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