Important Information about Sex Offenders


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Important Information about Sex Offenders

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Tricks and Red Flags

Apple of my Eye Trick:

Sex offenders identify and use the same innocence that we as parents strive to teach our children.  The predator will use it as a sign of vulnerability.

Parental Inadequacy Trick:

The sexual predator detects when a parent is feeling inadequate in their role.  Not being able to help their child out monetarily or through education.  If someone wants to show your child something, then it should not be a problem for you to be present when they do.  Remember, you are a good enough parent.

Accidental touching trick:

The predator will brush up against the child, each time getting closer to the childís private areas.  Begins to chip away at your childís personal space, so they may abuse him later on.

Assistance Trick:

They will have the child assist them with groceries or directions.  They will ask the child for the time.  They will detect vulnerability and see how they can help (baby-sit, drive the kids to different activities, etc.)

Authority Trick:

We teach our children to respect authority.  Our children think that there is nothing wrong with the sexual abuse because the person is kind and they need to respect and listen to them.

Desensitize Trick:

They begin to talk to our children about sex.  They use pornography to teach our children about sex.  They raise the kids curiosity by leaving magazines and videos where the child can find them.

Divide and Conquer:

Sexual predators will undermine the parents authority so they can gain more control of the child and make it easier to sexually abuse them.

Emergency Trick:

A crisis can be very confusing for a child, so the sexual predator will create an emergency to persuade the child to go with them.

Friendship Trick:

Juvenile sex offenders will blackmail a smaller child by telling them they will not be their friend if they donít participate.  Juveniles commit one-half of child molestations each year.

Games Trick:

Games that require body contact (wrestling, airplane, tickle).  Games where touching become part of the rules.

Internet Trick:

The Internet is a global city for sex offenders with lots of anonymity.  They speak with our children in chat rooms.  They talk on-line with our children and ask questions that bring up conflict with parents or boyfriends.  They pretend to be the age of the victim and share the same interests.

Outing Trick:

Sex offenders are always intentionally creating situations where they would be permitted to take children away from the home or the city (i.e. camping or sporting activities).

Threats Trick:

Children can be intimidated and silenced by threats.  The sex offender will threaten the child to expose him to his friends or parents.

Red Flags

  • Red Flag 1- Someone who wants to spend more time with your child than you.
  • Red Flag 2- Someone who insists on spending time alone with your child or other children.
  • Red Flag 3- Someone who insists hugging, touching, kissing, tickling, holding or wrestling with your child even though your child does not desire such contact.
  • Red Flag 4- Someone who is overly interested in the appearance or sexuality of your child and asks sexual related questions to the parents or child.
  • Red Flag 5- Someone who gets along extremely well with children and has little or no interests in spending time with individuals his age.
  • Red Flag 6- Someone who has little or no limits and does not respect the limits of his role.
  • Red Flag 7- Someone who offers to baby-sit or assist with taking children on trips or sleepovers.
  • Red Flag 8-Someone who buys expensive gifts for children for no apparent reason.

10 Rules of Prevention

  • Rule 1- Know who you are and where you live.
  • Rule 2- Know what to do if you are lost in a store.
  • Rule 3- Know the proper names for your body parts.
  • Rule 4- Check first, before accepting or going anywhere.
  • Rule 5- Trust your inner voice, especially that yucky feeling .
  • Rule 6- Donít be too polite.
  • Rule 7- No such thing as secrets.
  • Rule 8- Donít give out personal information on the internet.
  • Rule 9- Say NO! and tell them when touch is not OK.
  • Rule 10-Take Action! It's your right!

Sex Offender Resources:

  • Detective Miguel Sanchez
    YPD Police Detective
    Sex Offender Compliance
    (928) 373-4689

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