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The City of Yuma now offers curbside recycling as part of its residential solid waste collection service. Residents may also take advantage of our two convenient drop-off locations.

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Take it to the Curb!

City Of Yuma's Curbside Recycling Service

The City of Yuma offers curbside recycling as part of its residential solid waste collection service. The program includes:

  • Once-a-week recycling pickup which occurs on:
    • Thursdays for subdivisions South of 16th Street and East of Avenue B and,
    • Fridays for subdivisions North of 16th Street and West of Avenue B.
      (Regular trash collection will take place as it does now, either on Mondays and Tuesdays.)
  • All recyclables (see list below) go in the blue container - no sorting required.
  • The transport of recyclables to the materials recovery facility.

Is Recycling Mandatory?

RecycleThe City does not require participation in the curbside recycling program, but does encourage recycling to help reduce pollution, extend the life of our landfill and conserve natural resources.

Why Should I Recycle?

In addition to reducing pollution and need for additional landfills, other reasons to recycle include:

  • The City will save money its Solid Waste Fund by depositing less into the landfill.
  • When the City saves money in its Solid Waste Fund, it serves as a buffer against a need to raise the solid waste fee on your City services bill.

How To Recycle

The City of Yuma provides commingled curbside recycling, meaning all accepted recyclable materials can be placed together in a single container. There is no need to bag recyclables or separate them by type in fact, bagging materials is discouraged with the exception of shredded paper. You are encouraged to place shredded paper in a plastic bag. The plastic bag prevents shredded paper from scattering during recycling pickup.

Please Remember:

  • Recyclables should be washed out to prevent contamination; the cleaner the recyclable the more value it has.
  • Break down cardboard boxes into smaller pieces.
  • You do NOT have to separate your recyclables. You can deposit them loosely into your blue container.

What Can I Place In The Blue Recycling Container?

  • Aluminum and steel cans: beverage cans, soup cans, vegetable cans, pet food cans, used foil and foil pie plates.
  • Cardboard: old cartons, toy and product packaging, corrugated boxes, cereal boxes, soft drink boxes and other boxes.
  • Paper: newspapers, magazines, catalog books, glossy sales papers, junk mail, phonebooks and directories.
  • Plastics (types 1-7): milk and juice containers, plastic bottles, detergent bottles, hard plastics, styrofoam, buckets and any other household plastics with the numbers 1-7 inside the triangular recycling symbol typically printed on the lower side of plastic products.
  • Glass: glass containers and jars; clear, brown, blue and green.

Aluminum recyclable itemsCardboard recyclable itemsPaper recyclable items
Plastic recyclable itemsGlass recyclable items

What Should NOT Be Recycled?

Please do NOT place the following item in your recycle container or leave them at our drop-off recycling locations.

  • Batteries
  • Bubble wrap
  • Chemicals
  • Clothing
  • Diapers
  • Food waste or food-soiled paper
  • Hazardous waste
  • Oil
  • Paint
  • Plastic bags
  • Tires
  • Toxic containers
  • Yard waste or grass cuttings

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Keep My Garbage From Attracting Flies?
Bag and tie "wet" garbage, like food scraps and pet droppings in the plastic bags closed securely with a twist or rubber band. When garbage is bagged and tied, other Arizona cities that collect garbage weekly have found that there is little or no odor or accumulation of flies.

How Can I Prevent Someone From Taking Recyclables From My Container?
Place your blue recycling container out the morning of your designated pickup and put container away when you return home. The City of Yuma has a City Code that prohibits the removal or pilfering refuse or waste from any container. This City Code is enforced by the City of Yuma Police Department. If you see someone pilfering through refuse in a blue recycling container you can call the YPD non-emergency number at (928) 783-4421.

Learn More About Recycling in Yuma

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What Happens To Your Trash When It Leaves Your Home?

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Public Service Announcement: Coming Soon
Public Service Announcement: Coming Soon

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Public Service Announcement: Take It To The Curb (with Girl Scout Troop #1518)
Public Service Announcement: Take It To The Curb (with Girl Scout Troop #1518)

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Drop-Off Locations

City of Yuma visitors and residents either not served by our curbside service or who may have an event that produces a load that exceeds blue bin capacity are also encouraged to take advantage of our drop-off location at 265 W. 13th Street:

Recycling drop-off site on 13th Street and 2nd Avenue. Drop-Off Recycling Site at 13th Street and 2nd Avenue
Drop-Off Recycling Site at 13th Street and 2nd Avenue (map)

The drop-off bins are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You do NOT have to separate your recyclables by type of material.

More Information

For more information about the City of Yuma's recycling program, please call (928) 373-4504 or e-mail the Solid Waste Division of Public Works.

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The City of Yuma now offers curbside recycling as part of its residential solid waste collection service. Residents may also take advantage of our two convenient drop-off locations. Continued...

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